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Why Hormone Replacement Therapy is the Best Prescription for Menopause

There are many complications that a woman experiences when the time for menopause finally arrives in her life. She shall feel symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, feeling run down, vaginal dryness, to name a few. Hormone replacement therapy has long been known to help deal with these symptoms since it was discovered through modern medicine. There has been the adaptation of this treatment by most women, with plenty more going for it. This is the best therapy so far in dealing with the symptoms of menopause. There are differences in how each woman goes through menopause. For some of them, the suffering shall be great while for others, it is not so bad. There are also different levels of health risks among these women. Hormone replacement therapy was designed to handle the symptoms as well as to eliminate the health risks. There has been an increase in its popularity among many doctors and clinics in the world.

Hormone replacement therapy is the process of supplying all the hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, into the woman’s body that it does not have in sufficient quantities due to limited production once menopause kicks in. This time is usually characterized by the unwanted symptoms, due to the declining hormone levels. This therapy, therefore, helps relieve some of those symptoms, and also to make sure no health risks are left unattended to.

It is common for people to wonder if this is something safe for them to do. Some of those concerns need time to be addressed. There are however many success stories linked to the introduction of hormone replacement therapy at such a time. Most of them report that hormone replacement therapy has helped them in various ways. IT has successfully led to the cap on bone loss which leads to osteoporosis. Then there is the relief from the vasomotor symptoms. The risk of getting colon cancer also goes down. Your skin will also look better, since there is no radical damage. You then develop less wrinkles on the face. This therapy is also instrumental in minimizing the occurrence of vision loss and muscular degeneration.

You may also hear of a few concerns when it comes to this therapy. There have been reported cases of there being some endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and gallbladder cancer as a result. Then there are those who have gotten blood clots due to it. Others have had to deal with high blood pressure and strokes.
The best thing to do id to consult a doctor when you need this type of therapy. It is safer that way.

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