Top Reasons To Consider A bObi Bobsweep

Robotic vacuum cleaners are all the rage these days. They are great back-savers as well as time-savers. Owners only have to push a button and then get out of the way while the vacuum does all the work on its own. There are many options on the market, but the following are the top reasons why many consumers opt for the bObi Bobsweep.

It Is An All-Purpose Cleaner

While many robotic vacuums are able to pick up dry waste, like lint, dust, and pet hair, the bObi is also able to use water to clean up stains or spills, making it a vacuum and mop in one. Its “Go” mode is best for general vacuuming, while the “Waffle” mode is ideal for stain removal. The machine not only vacuums and mops, but it also sterilizes the carpet and flooring with ultraviolet radiation, which provides an extra level of deep cleaning.

It Has 80 Sensors

With 80 different sensors, including five wall sensors, the bObi does a good job of navigating rooms, avoiding obstacles, and covering the entire area. It works best when cleaning one room at a time, and it always goes back to its last position after it has been interrupted.

It Is Easy To Control

A lot of robotic vacuum cleaners these days are app-controlled, which may require more of a learning curve, especially for buyers who are less familiar with using smartphone apps. The bObi, however, has a very simple and user-friendly remote control with just a few intuitive control buttons. Most people find the bObi easy to control.

It Is Affordable

Compared with other robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, the bObi is less expensive, making it an affordable option for many. For the lower price, users get the same or even more functionality than they would get in a higher-priced machine. However, the bObi has a lower battery life, which adds to the long-term cost.

Robotic vacuums aren’t for everyone. They don’t handle pet hair very well, for example, and they need to be emptied frequently. However, for many customers, a bObi or other similar cleaner is a wonderful convenience that makes life easier and gives them more free time.