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Brighten Up Your Wedding Day With Some Wedding Sparklers

Even until this day, you can always expect weddings to start at the church or any ceremony location until the bride and groom are taken by their bridal limousine to the wedding reception. The wedding reception basically comprises a night of celebratory music with some dancing, entertainment, and romance. When all the fun and dancing is done or is coming to an end, the newly wedded couples must make their way through the back door to go to their honeymoon and be welcomed by a tunnel of lights in the form of wedding sparklers.

Until this day, this is the perfect wedding setup more and more people are making out when it comes to their wedding. By adding some wedding sparklers, there is no doubt that you can make your wedding exit more sparkling and memorable and be the best that it can be.

A lot of weddings make sure to incorporate these wedding sparklers after their wedding reception. You have to make sure to take note of a few crucial reminders when you have plans of adding some wedding sparklers during your special day. What you must first remember about wedding sparklers is the fact that they are different from the regular sized ones. The ideal length for your wedding sparklers should be 36 inches. They must be this long so that they can remain burning for a good four minutes max. Also, they allow more room for the groom and bride. For safety purposes, make sure to get them with metal cores. You better steer clear from the bamboo sparkler variety because they are the kind that can easily disintegrate into smaller fragments that are hot. You can opt to get a total of 24 wedding sparklers with 12 of them to go on each side of the pathway for the bride and groom.

When you are done with buying your wedding sparklers, you must do further preparations when using them. So tha you can get rid of the flames being made by the sparklers after using them, make sure to have prepared buckets of water by your side. Be sure to set aside some first aid kits as well as that you can use.

You have to tell everyone what your plan is before you light your wedding sparklers up. It is recommended that you do quick test without really having to light up everything and only when things go well must you proceed with the real deal. Make sure to inform the bride and groom about such a tunnel. Ensure to keep the guests arranged at safe distances while standing with these sparklers. Enough distance ensures the safety of your groom and bride as well the guests that they will not be burned by these wedding sparklers. You then light up all of these wedding sparklers now! Be sure to have the wedding photographer capture this magical moment. You will achieve a magical wedding photo of envy when the capturing is done right.

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